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About us

The team comes from various backgrounds. Professional pilots, doctors, nurses, as well as photographers, scientists and humanitarians are very enthusiastic about this project. They all agree with the fact that:
this new concept of Aviation would have been very helpful for their previous missions and fieldworks.

They spend huge amount of time, and energies, just for traveling, and this is where our light aircraft are efficient.

Our rationale

The requirements for humanitarian assistance, cooperation and environmental projects, are increasing in developing countries. However, they are partially satisfied.

Among the reasons :

Lack of access to locations (roads, weather conditions…)
Inadequate means of transport (unserviceable vehicles…)
Lack of trained personnel, equipment and/or infrastructures in remote areas.
Environmental degradation and/or any erosive action.

Our answers

Human’Air, a Swiss association based in Geneva, provides its expertise and experience with:

Quickly operational air transport adapted to all types of terrains
Light aircraft easily foldable and dismountable
Implementation of light infrastructures
Pilot’s training adapted to the nature of missions

Our goals

The association participates in emergency actions and supports projects in:

  • Humanitarian assistance
  • Environmental actions
  • Scientific missions

Our values

Human’Air is a non-profit organization.
It is politically and religiously neutral.
It pleads respect of people and their environment.
It promotes ethical standards and conducts its activities with partners sharing similar values.


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