Driver Formation

Participating in Human’Air’s actions implies accepting conducting missions under challenging conditions.

It means getting up early, eating unfamiliar food, disassembling or repairing the Ecolight under very hot or very cold temperatures. It means coping with the administrative difficulties of countries who welcome us; it also means demonstrating a high degree of availability, for instance supervising the mission’s day-to-day management, upholding contacts with the country’s authorities.

There is an expression in the Ecolight world: “In aviation we pilot, in an Ecolight we fly”.

It also means that the purpose of your mission won’t be to log in flight hours, but to be effective in our actions, and to demonstrate that light aircraft can play a major role in the humanitarian, environmental and ecological fields.

If this code of ethics corresponds to your values, and if your profile fits in with Human‘Air’s requirements, then you are welcome to join us.

Click on the registration form, and support our work through your contribution which will be required before you are sent on a mission.



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